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The Red Alert Book

The Red Alert Book

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If you think our government forcing lockdowns and quarantines is bad...

I believe things are about to get so much worse.

Now I know it may seem impossible to imagine - a future where China attacks us and beats us in an economic and military war...

But as I prove in my book we are likely just months away from this taking place.

China's military has grown so Big... and has become so aggressive...

That some officials in the Pentagon are worried we'll be their next victims.

Sadly, this is just scratching the surface.

Inside You'll Discover:

  • Why Trump's victory with North Korean peace talks is a sign that war is to come!

  • Where the 2020 election fraud really originated from.

  • How the Chinese have figured out how to get around our constitution and take over the government's refusal to investigate Chinese threats to our security should have you worried.

  • Why the US media's refusal to cover the Hongkong protests - and hyper-focus on BLM riots is.

  • How one of the most famous Republicans in DC has sold us out 30 years ago.

  • How China could and may even take over without shooting a single bullet.

  • Why a mask shortage revealed just how close China is to take over.

  • Look at your cellphone - if it has these 2 things on it, you've actually helped advance their army.


99.9% of Americans HAVE NO IDEA of how dangerous China is...

And because of that, they have NO CLUE on how to plan for the worst-case scenario.

That likely includes you.

This book covers every single bit of information you need to get ready!

It helps you see the threat clearly so you can prepare for it.

And it gives you a simple, and proven formula you can use to survive and thrive in the coming chaos.

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