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Tongues Cut Out Book

Tongues Cut Out Book

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No matter what they say, the Left are the enemies of free speech.

While they say they love the first amendment on TV behind closed doors they prop up liberal voices and bury conservative ones.

But it's not enough to just "suppress" conservatives.

They want to convince America that conservative speech isn't protected by the 1st Amendment at all!

And their army of "woke" Thought Police will shut down anyone who says otherwise.

Sadly, this is just the beginning of what they have planned.

Inside You'll Discover:

  • The true definition of free speech, and why it's so critical to understand in today's America (pg. 6)

  • What the Left thinks free speech should be, and how it's really a tyrannical trick to slap duct tape over the mouths of conservatives. (pg. 21)

  • How they're using covert methods to "burn" certain books (like mine) and keep them from ever seeing the light of day. (pg. 30)

  • The disgusting way "Digital Fascists" like Amazon and Facebook are controlling every aspect of the information you consume each day. (pg. 34)

  • How saying the "wrong thing" online could soon result in serious punishment against your bank account and other personal assets. (pg. 40)

  • And most importantly, what you can do TODAY to stop their plan from going any further! (pg. 45-60)

This book will give you all this, plus dozens of other crucial instructions for ensuring you (and all conservatives) are able to speak freely and warn America of what's ahead.

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